Farmington River Tubing will put you and your friends in our specially designed river tubes for a 2.5 mile ride down the wild and scenic Farmington River. Traveling over three sets of rapids, you’ll experience a thrill as you splash through the white water.


Cash Only! $30/per person. We do not have credit card machines and we do not take personal checks. A deposit is required for rental. Your car keys are preferred so you don’t lose them in the river and we have numbered key hooks to hang them on.

For customized directions: Use an internet direction service. Our address is: 92 Main Street, New Hartford CT, 06057. See our Directions page here for instructions on how to find us from popular locations. We are located within Satan’s Kingdom.

See the River in Action

Looking for excitement? Looking for a thrill? Check out this video that shows you the Farmington River and how much fun it can be to go tubing down it. This is a 30 second commercial that airs on Cable Television.


Please call on the day you plan to come tubing for current river conditions and times of operations. Days and Hours of operation may change due to weather or river conditions. All participants must meet restrictions (see the Warnings/Rules page).


Attention & Warnings

River tubing is not for some people. It is not a man made amusement park ride.


Everyone must be of adequate physical capabilities and maturity levels to use the rented equipment properly and safely.


Read all of the information signs, ask questions, and be sure you want to partake in this activity before you rent the equipment.

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

Wear bathing suits or shorts; or whatever you are comfortable swimming in. It's also a good idea to wear something on your feet: Sneakers, Teva's, water shoes, or wetsuit boots. Don't wear heavy boots.

What should I bring?

Leave all unnecessary items that you don't want to lose, at home (eyeglasses, watches, rings, favorite hats, and jewelry are commonly lost during tubing.)

What can and can't I bring?

NO ALCOHOL - No glass, large coolers, hard plastic coolers, strofoam coolers and no tying things to the tube handles.

You can bring a non disposable canteen, igloo or nalgene type container that won't become litter in the river. 

What is the cost?

Price per person is $30. CASH ONLY - we do not have credit card machines and we do not take personal checks.

Call daily for updated conditions and daily hours: