Welcome to Farmington River Tubing. Please review all the content below on this page before joining us on the river.

What To Wear

Wear bathing suits or shorts; or whatever you are comfortable swimming in. It's also a good idea to wear something on your feet: Sneakers, Teva's, water shoes, or wetsuit boots. Don't wear heavy boots.

What To Bring

Leave all unnecessary items that you don't want to lose, at home(eyeglasses, watches, rings, favorite hats, and jewelry are commonly lost during tubing.)

P.F.D.'s (Life Jackets)

Our P.F.D.'s (life jackets) get a lot of use and are always wet. We do wash them weekly but they still smell. You can bring your own coast guard approved P.F.D. (life jacket) to wear instead of using the ones that we supply. If you bring your own it must be a coast guard approved P.F.D. (life jacket).

Restrooms & Changing Rooms

Changing houses and restroom facilities are also available.

Risks and Dangers

Although no effort is spared to provide you with a safe tubing experience, water and river activities have both inherent and unknown risks and dangers. These include but are not limited to injury or loss of life. Assistants are posted at the second set of rapids (this is the largest set during the tube ride) to assist you if you have an emergency. The rest of the river is unattended and you will be on your own. Everyone (including minors) must sign a waiver before tubing down the river.

Cost and Dates


Cash Only: We do not have credit card machines and we do not take personal checks

$30/person on weekends and Holidays.
Weekday non holiday discount $25/person.

This includes the rental of a specially designed river tube, a personal flotation device (life jacket), a shuttle bus ride from the take-out point to the starting point, and all the sun and fun you can pack into your ride. You can tube again the same day for an additional $10.00.

Always call the day you are coming for hours, times, conditions. Days, hours, times, subject to change without notice.
The daily hours do change depending on many factors including but not limited to; weather conditions, river conditions, and the time of year.
The daily hours are the earliest and latest times you can enter the river to start. There are no exceptions. Allow yourself enough travel time to get here with enough time to sign up, pay, and start by the designated latest start time.

Deposit required for rental

A deposit is required for rental. Your car keys are preferred so you don’t lose them in the river and we have numbered key hooks to hang them on. You can also leave a drivers license, I.D. or something similar that will fit in a snack sized bag and hang on our numbered key hooks.

Rules and Warnings


River tubing is not for some people. It is not a man made amusement park ride.

  • Read all of the information signs, ask questions, and be sure you want to partake in this activity before you rent the equipment.
  • Once you rent the equipment there are no refunds and you must return the equipment properly. You will be charged for equipment lost, damaged, or not properly returned.
  • Once you start you must get to the designated take out to get the bus ride back. There is no other place to get out or way to get back.
  • This is not a man made amusement park ride where you are automatically harnessed and secured.
  • This is a rental operation where you rent an inner tube, a P.F.D., and a bus ride back.
  • We do not control the river or any part of it. You are on your own. You must securely fasten you own P.F.D. and safely maneuver your own tube. If you need instructions you must ask before you enter the river.
  • The river is rough! It contains class 1, 2, & 3 rapids, water, rocks, trees, and other obstacles. You can be injured! You can fall out of your tube! (You are on your own to get back to it.)
  • The river is unattended! There is a assistant at the 2nd rapid only. Their purpose is to assist you if your feet get stuck in the rocks and you are trapped under water. (This can happen if you try to stand up in the rapids; for your safety, Do Not try to stand up in the river.) The assistant cannot leave their post, retrieve tubes, or assist people who have fallen out of their tubes. They must maintain their focus for foot entrapments in the rapids.
  • If you have an emergency along the river you are on your own to get notification to the bus at the take out, the office at the start, or the assistant at the 2nd rapid so we can notify “911” of your situation.
  • The tubes are not puncture proof. Popped tubes must be returned to get another one.
  • We do not control the weather. It can change at any time. It is your choice to rent or not; given the weather conditions during the duration of your ride.

Everyone must be of adequate physical capabilities and maturity levels to use the rented equipment properly and safely.

  • Everyone who uses the rented equipment must be able to swim through class 1,2, & 3 rapids.
  • You cannot use the rented equipment if you are; pregnant, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other imperative substances, experiencing neck, back, or other conditions that could be aggravated by the use of the equipment.
  • No ropes, paddles, fish poles, or other hazardous items allowed on the rented equipment.
  • The equipment is not designed for pets & therefore they cannot accompany you.
  • No smoking while tubing. The equipment is not resistant to fire or ashes.
  • No food, beverage, or other potential litter allowed.
  • Minimum weight (as defined by the U.S.C.G. designation on the smallest P.F.D.) = 50 lbs.
  • Minimum height (simply our recommendation to comfortably sit in the smallest tube) = 4’
  • Minimum age (simply our recommendation for maturity levels) = 10 yrs old
  • Maximum chest size (as defined by the U.S.C.G. designation on the largest P.F.D.) = 62”
  • Maximum weight (simply our recommendation to comfortably sit in the largest tube) = 300 lbs
  • Maximum age – although there is no set maximum age you must be able to swim through class 1/2/3 rapids and withstand strong to severe impacts with rocks.
  • River tubing is not for pregnant people, pets, or anyone who cannot swim or is not comfortable with any of the information, warnings, or restrictions.

Call daily for updated conditions and daily hours: